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Science Club


Send your email address to

 and we’ll add you to our group on Microsoft Teams, where more details will be given. If you have any questions, you can always contact us through email. 

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In modern culture, science is an either/or thing: either science is fun, or it is systematic, boring, and mentally taxing. Either you’re good at the sciences, or you’re not. Either you love science, or you hate it. 

Though it is true that the thrill of science can be quite difficult for some to grasp, just because you don’t enjoy one part of it, it doesn’t mean that you have to hate all of it. It’s natural to like some parts of science and to hate other parts of it. 

Perhaps you want to participate in extracurricular competitions with a focus on science, but you don’t have access to the equipment. Maybe you just want to see, or understand, some cool demonstration. Or, heck, maybe you just want to be part of a club. Although we are just a group of students who have had limited experiences, we, too, can offer various opportunities for you to play around with science (equipment, competitions, etc.)

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