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Model United Nations

Debate. International Affairs. Public Speaking. All combined in one.

Model United Nations is an educational extra-curricular activity, in which students represent delegates in UN committees. As representatives, students are tasked with collectively tackling global and regional topics that are under the mandates of their committee, ranging from a wide variety of topics. While participation in conferences are competitive, the core of MUN is to hone debate skills and champion diplomacy. Ultimately, the values of MUN lie in the committee’s success in constructing an encompassing, innovative resolution to resolve the given conflict, that can be sustainably applied in the real world.

Model UN offers a diverse array of opportunities for students of all interests and experience levels. After gaining some experience, students can look into holding staff and secretariat positions at conferences, through which they will be able to direct committees for other delegates and even organize the conferences themselves. Semiahmoo’s MUN club essentially aims to introduce and integrate newer delegates to the vast community, and strives to ensure the success of students interested in pursuing higher competitive leadership roles.

Join Semiahmoo’s Model UN Club and find your voice today!

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