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Mind Matters Club

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The Semiahmoo Mind Matters Club is a mental health awareness club, advocating for the de stigmatization of mental health in our school community. We’re the first mental health advocacy club at our school and have been around Semiahmoo since 2016. However, in the past, we’ve been known as the Semi club- previously a part of the organization. 

In past years we’ve posted various events in our school, including:

  • Anti-Bullying Day (Positivity) Event 

  • Valentines Week Self Love Campaign (Front Entrance treats and poster)

  • Mental Health Week Event 

  • Mental Health Awareness Day Event 

  • Halloween Trivia Event (De-stigmatizing patients in mental health institutions that may be worn as a Halloween costume)

  • Destress for Success Work-shop Event 

  • Bullet Journaling Workshop

  • Bath Bomb Event

  • Valentine’s Self Love Campaign and Bake Sale for Coast Mental Health Foundation AND SEVERAL OTHERS!

We hope to continue incorporating these activities but also expand our ideas and try out new things with the new executive team!

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