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MedHopeful Society

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As Semiahmoo’s branch of MedHopeful, our primary goal is to serve as a gateway platform for students interested in pursuing medicine in the future, through both internal and external means. As a school club, we will firstly be focussing on engaging students internally, through Semi’s student body, however from time to time we will also be presenting opportunities with projects and other organizations outside of school. 

Internal opportunities include hosting school-wide awareness campaigns, inviting guest speakers, and conducting research projects with the Semiahmoo student body. External opportunities include student medical conferences, involvement in local hospitals and non-profit organizations, and organizing webinars.

Beyond this, MedHopeful also strives to provide each of its members with a network to develop leadership through engagement (with both school and the community), growth (working with a team and working on your ability to be successful in a collaborative environment), and skill development (eg. designing posts, outreach experience, logistical experience etc). 

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